This is a very simple post. It just lists the risks that exist during retirement! I went to the American college which had designed Risk list for the Retirement Income Certified Professional. It is a very long list -AND THE LIST IS NOT complete. Scary is it not? Well with longevity to worry about, as a fund manager there are many times that you have to behave like an endowment fund of a college rather than an individual. Remember for about 40 years YOU are going to ONLY WITHDRAW from a fund!

Here is the list:



Excess withdrawal at a younger age (young part of the retired life)

Health care shooting through the roof

Excessively aggressive a portfolio

Excessively conservative a portfolio


Financial / Physical Elder abuse

Market risk

Liquidity risk

Sequence of returns

Forced retirement

Interest rate risk

Re-employment may not happen at all

Losing of spouse

Unexpected financial responsibility

Retirement timing risk


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  1. Four ways(4Ts) to manage the risks. The choice has to be made prudently.

    Transfer the Risk or
    Treat the Risk or
    Take the Risk or
    Terminate the Risk

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