Sundarasen is a friend. He is an Officer and a Gentleman – belongs to the Indian Army and has spent time in Kargil et al

Lt col Sundaresan R ( retd ) is on a mission to run 50 Full marathons in 50 locations over 50 weeks. He started his mission on 11 Dec 2017 and has already completed 36 marathons in 36 weeks. He intends to raise funds for families of martyred soldiers. His FB page RUN FOR A SOLDIER gives details of his runs. He also addresses corporate offices, Running clubs and other interested persons about Indian Army, Fitness, Running and marathons, and his present mission of 50 marathons.

Currently he is running 52 FULL MARATHONS (42 Kms for those who do not know!) every Sunday….which means in 52 weeks….

Yes you could give your name in the comments column..and I will pass it on to him. I did not want to put his phone number and bank account number on my blog and create problems for him…YOU COULD CONTRIBUTE TO HIS CAUSE.

What is his cause? why is he running? read on… and send a mail saying u wish to donate Rs. 1000, Rs. 10,000 or….whatever by a separate email addressed to

Why a former Indian Army officer is running 50 marathons across 50 Sundays


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  1. Wow! What a remarkable goal and as Indian salute Lt col Sundaresan!

    No words to express and really amazing! I am proud to be Indian and will surely be in touch through email.

    Thanks Subra for sharing!

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