Whenever I meet, plan or invest money for a CEO, head of learning, or Head of HR, or CFO, they tell me 2 things:

  • I wish I had met you earlier
  • My employees should at least know about all this asap

Once upon a time I used to take it seriously and make follow up calls. The minute I gave up ‘selling’ I stopped following up – and expect that if people have to, they will. I have lost the ‘value’ of follow up. Simple, I no longer ‘teach’ or ‘train’ for a living. It is a passion and I enjoy it.

One prof. from IIT – Dr. Arya – called me and said “I have a bunch of smart kids …and they should know about finance”. I said fine, lets do it. Then the lecture happened. I spoke about attitude to money, how to save, how to invest, who should pay for the marriage, children, old age …..the works.

It was well received and many of the children had a lot of things to ask.

End of Story? NO. Not at all.

One week after the lecture, Dr. Arya called me..and said ‘where can I buy the book’ and I said Flipkart, Amazon…he said ‘No, I want to buy 60 copies for all my students, ….and I put him in touch with the publisher.

He bought 60 copies and gave it to all his students and some of this support staff too.

Amazing what no CEO, CFO, head HR had ever done…this prof. did it. Impressed and overwhelmed.

I think this is the difference between a professor who loves his children and ┬áceo who ……(fill in the blanks?).

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  1. Hi Subra,
    I think it is not poor HR skills. From personal experience, I can say that almost *no employee* in corporate world appreciates a training of any sort much less a book. So, as an employer I have no incentive to make my people grow personally by taking sessions/books. Personal finance is personal and corporate is not expected to take care of it, neither it becomes any sort of distinguishing factor is hiring/retaining talent.

    From more devious point of view, corporate would have all the more incentive to make sure that people are not financially free, otherwise they will leave or will not stay as hungry as they would be when there is constant need for more money! Not saying that it actually is an incentive but the case is there.

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