Well this is not really about contrarian investing. It is about different type of investing….

  • do not worry about benchmarks – they mean NOTHING. For a fund like TIGF and I Pru Discovery for example which are contrarian – or value investors – there CANNOT be a benchmark.
  • chasing a date makes NO SENSE. Why companies or funds chase returns on 30th June or 31 March makes no sense
  • In search of excellence, only excellence should matter NOT what it did on which date
  • asset allocation should just be an indicator and not a RIGID boundary
  • the biggest wealth destroyer that I have seen is EGO
  • you will be stunned by the number of failures Vee Cees make while investing
  • more Vee Cees have destroyed wealth because of ego than CEOs have destroyed wealth
  • the no. of bad businesses funded by Vee Cees is HUGE
  • incentives drive people to action – see how your advisor is rewarded and who is doing it
  • fees is just one portion of a professional’s income – and that is a chilling fact
  • constantly chasing alpha makes an investor chase rainbows
  • earning 14% on 80% of your portfolio for 40 years makes far greater money than earning 24% on 20% of your portfolio for 10 yrs
  • you have NO choice but to do mega sips
  • Goal based Investing – is the ONLY way to go
  • Brilliant idiots who cannot suffer others rarely build good teams
  • Nice, successful companies and products are because of teams not one IDIOT who can talk well or make good ppt
  • Most software companies end up wanting to be like Infosys – and look awesome in their PPT
  • Looking good on PPT means NOTHING if you cannot translate that into action
  • good companies fail fast, fail a lot, but keep learning
  • if your team cannot learn from failures, dismantle your company
  • can your team LEARN faster than your competition?
  • does your company REWARD managers who recommend abandoning products?
  • do you create products for your ego or do you talk to the clients too?
  • if a product cannot be described in 20 words, make the product and show the prototype
  • do not make free samples – triers hardly commit
  • if it is good enough just to be given free, chances are people will not buy
  • involve your staff and their families – helps to be together in bad times
  • have very stong deadlines, grit, and ruthless abandoning skills

all these are imp whether you are investing as an individual, Vee Cee, or as a banker. Remember the Vee cee and banker are losing other’s money.

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