I was a little sceptical to do a session on a working Monday. However, namma Bangalore was kind enough to oblige me with a full house – and about 70 people came to attend the session titled ‘Goal Based Investing’.

Fairly obviously I covered Goal based investing – and I always run out of time if I spend too much time on Goal setting. I seriously think we could do a ONE FULL DAY SESSION just on Goal setting. Not enough importance is given to goal setting, how to do it, risks, impediments, – this is the vital part of any investment plan.

There were a few women in the crowd – however many of them were in that program based on a decision made by a brother, husband, father…- which brings me to my pet peeve. Women do not take ENOUGH responsibility for their own money. This has to be rectified soon. No point in just having a pink chek book or a ‘Woman’s account’. It is time that women entered this big bad world of finance.

As a single person organising such stuff, it would not have been possible but for the volunteers – some of them from AIFW. It was the volunteers who set up the place, organised the catering (btw the food was fine), mikes, note pads,…and the general infra. I did not even pay for the stationery – but I will deal with her later on! Thanks volunteers.

There were many curious people who wanted to know about asset allocation, re-balancing, how to invest in direct equity, how to identify corruption in a fund,….and many other questions. Many of them I had to say ‘I do not know’. I must confess that my knowledge is restricted to about 50 shares in a stock exchange where 9000 shares are listed. I may have considered about 200 shares, but I really can talk about just 20/30 shares in which I have invested.

I was clear that I could talk only about 5/6 mutual fund equity schemes, and I did not do enough research on all the 5000 schemes which SEBI has been kind enough to “approve” – oops did I use a wrong word? Well, I did cover role of Sebi, etc. but I do not think the people were convinced that they should take charge. Let me repeat – having a regulator is nice, but that does not mean you can go to sleep at the wheel. Rules are meant for decent people – the thief will always break the rules.

Happy to answer ….if any of the doubts are still lingering on…


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  1. Subra Sir,
    If possible, please reveal your future meetings on Subramoney.com. People like me who are from tier 2 cities may want to listen to you. Organising a meeting in these cities may not be possible. We can atleast come to these meetings to gain knowledge.


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