Prof. Kavi Arya (son of world famous photographer Jitendra Arya) teaches at Mumbai IIT and runs a very nice program. He gets kids in Second Year Engineering to write an exam..and after a lot of elimination selects 36 of them to work on embedded technologies. So all these kids work on robots, drones, …..and have access to his nice lab in IIT. He also tries to teach them about history of India, introduction to yoga….etc. Into this series he wanted me to talk to them about ‘money’.

I enjoyed the interaction, and I hope the kids enjoyed it too! I spoke on being responsible for their money, expensive mutual funds, unnecessary ulips, banks selling and mis-selling, how to select an adviser, why direct shares are necessary in their portfolio, how they should convince their parents to invest….etc.

Of course I said – I cannot give answers till they learn what to ask, that there is no set of books to read, but if you do Google on this site you will find ‘best books to read’. I did not give them a link – not sure how many of them will do it.

Not sure how much of this they will remember when they start investing is difficult to say….hopefully they will keep reading


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