Whenever I announce a workshop on Financial Planning in say Mumbai or Pune or Bengaluru….I am inundated with people asking me:

When are you doing it in: Kolkatta, Chennai, Delhi, NCR, Baroda………………………

Honestly, I do not have an answer. It takes a lot of effort – for example the hall in Bengaluru wanted payment by chek. So somebody has to step in at Bengaluru and pay by chek…and HOPE that I pay him. He has to trust me.

In case of Delhi, I have no clue how the response will be.

Even in Mumbai I have a 200 seat hall, and we have only about 20% capacity fille up as of now.

In case of Bengaluru, I am hoping that as the date comes nearer, the 120 seat hall will be filled up. Food and other infra like OH projector, laptop, mikes, etc. have to be got from small vendors – about whom one has very little control if you are operating from Mumbai, by remote.

So when I do a session in Mumbai, and you / your friends want to attend the session, you need to register here:


and if you wish to attend the session in Bengaluru…you will have to register here



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  1. Who is the target audience? Is the workshop for a beginner to equity mutual funds? Any recommended reading materials before attending the workshop? Any of your own books (authored by you/co authored by you) one ought to read before attending this workshop?

    Commenting again, in a more recently posted article.

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