There are a few reasons why you should NOT retire early..some positive some negative..

#1 You love your job.

Like Sachin Tendulkar or Lara or Dravid. If you love your job – of being a doctor, surgeon, dentist,  of being a wealth manager or being an IFA or an active fund management consultant. Why! even a blogger!! Once you find that you are enjoying your work, just do not bother retiring. Enjoy it more by doing it more. Much more.

Once you have reached all of your financial goals – or have provided for them, ask yourself a simple question: If your job changed to a ‘free job’ would you still do it?  Would you scale back? The answers will help you decide if you truly love your job. If the answer is yes, you can keep right on working, because you love your job! Like me and my training – I will not give up training till I drop dead (or of course when people stop calling me!

#2 You cannot afford it

You are 48 years of age and your Sales Director makes sure that you go for a medical check up every 3 months. You have been identified as hyper tense, you have irritable bowl syndrome and have to travel 13 days a month, AT LEAST. You sit in airports filing and reading sales reports. YOU HATE your boss. Every morning you wish he would die. You want to leave your job.

You went to an expensive college, and bought a house bit too big for you, but hey the Suv came next. You enjoyed the house and the car – now you need to pay the EMI.  You think you have enough….but however, your IFA says your need Rs. 8 crores to retire and you have 2.7 Crs. as net worth. Simple, you cannot afford to. Argument over.

#3 You have no hobby

Most Indian men have no hobby. Women at least have cooking – which they can do. So if you are 40 years of age, go get a hobby. Go get a hobby. No job, no friends, no hobby – you will be frustrated. Anyway you are going to live till 90, so what is the hurry to retire at 49? Go work till you are 80, ok, 70.

#4 You are walking away from Crores

You have a CTC of Rs. 1.75 crores per annum. Forgetting inflation and increments – if you retire at 50 instead of retiring at 60, it means you are walking away from Rs. 17.5 crores. Think about it. Can you really afford to walk away from so much or you want to walk away from Rs. 9 crores by postponing your retirement by 5 years? It is not an easy to answer problem. You have to be truthful about it.

#5 Your spouse does not want you to

Honestly this does not need any explanation, right?

#6 Your company has an excellent Health Insurance scheme

You work for a company which has a good HR policy – and the comprehensive coverage is available for YOU FOR LIFE if you put in 18 years service. You have completed 14. This is no time to leave the company, take the whole life ka cover and then leave. Of course you can talk to the management and make sure that you can retire NOW, and take the policy along.


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  1. this is paradox in indian lifestyle. only think about money .money will never give you happiness .life is short so go after experiances and between that you will find your new passsion .all your life you our live confirmist life atleast now listen your heart even a doctor can do lot of new things learn new things give him a chance he cando amazing things if given chance

  2. I am sure it would be finger count who gets salary of 1.75 crore at the age of 50. For millions in India, it is forced retirement. Never seen a sarkari babu who took early retirement.

    My encounter with some of the guys who are earning 1.75 crore and above, are much more greedier than normal guys. These guys can’t even utter retirement.

    I don’t think it is in Indian blood that one thinks about retirement (early is taboo). This article of ‘don’t retire early’ is irrelevant in Indian context.

  3. The hobby thing, agree completely. Especially with Indian men. Unless watching TV can be counted. But they watch NEWS, you know, not mindless soaps. Women are always busy, whether at home or otherwise. Family, kids, grandkids, kitchen, etc keeps them busy and relevant.

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