where to invest now?

I do not know. But this is what Naren said on ET Now

  • D’Mart led to over subscription
  • Public Issues are held for
  • We are not in fear, but we are not fully in greed
  • Government has encouraged financial savings
  • Gold does not give dividend, and rental yield story does not exist
  • Interest rates have to go down lower, that will lead to a higher market
  • Capacity utilisation is about 70%
  • RE has to see deleveraging, and interest rates have to go down
  • People saving, corporate saving, and govt saving cannot co-exist
  • demand for money is at a record low
  • debt funds look good better for the next 6 months
  • huge margin for safety in blue chips
  • out look for large cap earnings is better
  • debt is a better bet NOW compared to E
  • outlook for telecom is good for 5 years
  • telecom is seeing poor pricing, competition, etc….
  • Utilities are attractive. will do well
  • 3 year view..banks yes, however Utilities and banks will do well in the next 3-8 months
  • We are now in mid cycle – not at a turning point. We are mid cycle…
  • big bull market is 3/4 years away..it will be a good time to sell


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One Response to “where to invest now?”

  1. Subra sir.
    you have great respect for Naren. how and where do you see a contradiction?
    Entire US retail is jittery be it sears or walmart and Amazon is rattling biggies. will it affect the global markets?


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