I went to an SEO expert and he said what I need to do to increase the readership on Subramoney. Well, let me start…I had no intentions or have no intentions of spending time, effort or money on increasing the readership. It just that I met a successful SEO and he said that if I did the following, I could (consultants do not promise, only guide) increase my readership.

  1. Have a unique purpose of your blog and communicate that to your readers.  – My view: If I am a blogger on the public space, I find it difficult to pin point a particular purpose. Generally it is a personal finance blog which also tells people what I do. If they think they can copy me about my life style, expenses, hobbies, investing…all the best to them, I am not sure they can. If they can part copy, great. There is nothing specific about this blog..many people find many things. Choose your poison…
  2. Focus on something big, so that more people have interests: Well personal finance space, hobbies, cricket,….and many other things, but of course this is largely a wealth creation blog. You will not find too much stuff on other topics. Even topics like ‘how to borrow less’ etc. are not my cuppah
  3. Be focused and never assume that your readers have a common interest.  I do not. In fact I know people earning a salary of Rs.7 crores reading this, I know businessmen, fund managers, aam aadmi, …etc. who read this. I know people with net-worth in excess of Rs. 11,000 crores who reads this…it would be foolish attempt to write to the ‘average’ reader. The average does not exist.
  4.   Do networking among friends, etc. and ask them to create links, and post it on their blogs, facebook pages, etc. so that you can get more readers. – Sorry I will not.
  5. Subra what content you have is of course important, but to how many million views it can create is dependent on ‘how many people know that you exist. Sorry I will not.






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  1. Hmm .. I happened to chance upon your blog 2 years ago and have been an avid reader since then … and learnt a lot
    I just feel bad someone may not chance upon it and miss out
    I don’t know if SEO is such a bad idea .. or having various links leading to the site …
    it’s just a thought

  2. yes Aditi…but i am not going to spend money and effort in doing that, that is what I am saying. I have no commercial interest in the blogs popularity so there is no ROI.

  3. Well.. The important reason for me visiting this blog regularly, like a daily chore, is due to it’s simplicity and being spam free and advertisement free pages.

    Check any blog across [I am an avid reader of blogs], Subramoney is, by far one of the best blogs on Personal Finance, for Indian Markets.

    Even if Subraji writes 100 words on any subject, he always send out a straight message, which is important for readers like us.

    I would love Subraji sending out some tips on how one should have their behavior towards money.. But it would be too much to ask.

    For networking, it can easily achieved, if every regular reader drops a note to his/her Facebook/Google/Instagram page. Why do you need a SEO to do this work? Just another thought.

  4. I dont think Subra sir needs to put any effort to increase viewership.

    If anyone has even 10% interest to read any financial blog, he/ she will land up here. Rest is the person’s choice.

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