Financial freedom does a lot of things for you…lets you

  • hold your head high and go to a place where the Mind is without fear
  • allows you to choose what work to do and what not to do
  • allows you to give 80% discount to rural workers and
  • allows you to give 90% discount to school teachers of a municipal school
  • tell a fund manager that he is grossly, grossly, overpaid and the school teachers are happier than him
  • shrug when somebody does not want your product
  • look amused when people are trying to raise money for a product that will never sell
  • speak the truth about over engineered products – finance or health does not matter
  • not have to beg for capital, sales, or anything else
  • you have a choice of whom to tell ‘happy to see you’
  • choose gym and hobby timing!

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  1. Spares us free time which can spent with kids to help them grow well so that they can make right choices. In this busy world, lot of parents miss the opportunity to provide correct guidance to kids.

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