Having interacted with a few old people’s homes and many elderly people and youngsters looking for such facilities, let me tell you the gaps. Two ways of looking at the gaps are 1) use this as a checklist when you are looking for an old age home and 2) see the gaps and try to look at it as a business opportunity.

Here are the gaps:

  1. A few of the old age homes do have an agreement, but it would be nice if the government legislates the content and format
  2. There are many old age homes and very few geriatric care centers. Today it is not difficult to open a geriatric care unit.
  3. Geriatric care has to be far better regulated than an old age home.
  4. Periodic audits by independent citizens, press, police, doctors, is necessary and has to be prescribed.
  5. Running an orphanage and a geriatric care seems to be a sensible thing to do, but one has to ensure child labor compliance
  6. Food costs have to be on a formula basis and subject to audit.
  7. Separate floors for women, men and couples should be considered by the bigger geriatric care centers
  8. Running an old age home is difficult, but running a geriatric care center is a huge, huge, huge contribution to society
  9. A few old age homes should consider developing one geriatric care center to meet their own demand
  10. Referring to doctors, specialists and hospitals should be according to a given procedure

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