I run a blog not a free investment advisory. So when I give examples of LMW, MRF, or Hero Motors or any other share it could be there in my portfolio, or I may be busy selling it. I could have a long or short position and could be arguing exactly opposite to what I say.

I am an investor in one big company, and seriously I have no clue why it has such a high PE. Of course I will not spit against the wind by going short on that. I do realize that markets can be irrational far longer than normal individuals can be solvent. So I will not argue against or for some such shares which have been in my portfolio for 4 decades.

All my examples are given just from memory and should be just taken like that – it is not a recommendation to buy or sell. Your call of course. I do not have the regulator’s permission to choose anything for you – I am not a registered investment adviser, nor a certified financial planner, nor a chartered financial analyst. I hold a degree called Bachelors of Commerce and I have  passed a few exams in accountancy, company law procedures, costing and ..law…and a few certification exams.

All investments involve risks, including the possible loss of principal. Investments in foreign securities involve special risks including currency fluctuations, economic instability and political developments. Investments in emerging markets, of which frontier markets are a subset, involve heightened risks related to the same factors, in addition to those associated with these markets’ smaller size, lesser liquidity and lack of established legal, political, business and social frameworks to support securities markets.

The risks associated with emerging markets are magnified in frontier markets. Stock prices fluctuate, sometimes rapidly and dramatically, due to factors affecting individual companies, particular industries or sectors, or general market conditions.

Interest rates have come down – almost dramatically from 12% a few years ago to 6.7% in India – Gsec rates. It has been much worse in South Korea and Taiwan.

Handling investments for oneself is difficult – and handling it for others is far far more difficult. I know good professionals who do a good job and I know bad professionals who do a bad job. Worse, I see amateurs who do it free – which means you cannot see the cost. A hobbyist who gives you advice shrugs off saying “but I do not charge a fee”. This is wrong. Either you do it well, or you do not do it. There is no escape for doing it badly.

I have seen people saying “My parents do not need my help in handling finances” and suddenly on their death find shares in single name, in non demat form, with torn certificates, with unclaimed dividend – suddenly they see Rs. 8L – and have no clue what to do.

I also find a lot of people saying that they want to do DIY but do not want to develop any of the competencies to do it themselves. So they will look for free answers and get it too. Free irresponsible advice is available dime a dozen. My blog says things like debt is dangerous in the long run. This is not advice. This is just a generalisation. Personally I do not like the endowment plans, but in certain cases I have recommended big endowment plans. Personally none of my clients ‘need’ an annuity, but for a few I have suggested it as an insurance against longevity and falling yields. These are specific and tactical. So if you ask me where to buy term insurance, my immediate answer is to buy the cheapest. However my friends have bought from 8/9 life insurance companies based on their own comfort levels. Personally I have very little life insurance – and my wife will not lose sleep over not getting the claim.

I invest in direct shares, in mutual funds, have a couple of ULIPs, and no I do not have any endowment plans except a participating pension plan. I do have a broker who will STOP me from doing foolish deals. He has saved me from bad deals many times, and I am thankful for that. I get my portfolio reviewed by a fund manager who castigates me for having a debt light portfolio, but hey now I have some Real Estate too. Can I handle my investing, documentation, etc. on my own? Yes, but that is because all these people are just a phone call away, and I KNOW I am getting good advice. Oops, that is about myself.

So how should you invest, can you do it yourself. Is your RIA on the payroll of an amc, does Subra have a vested interest in running this blog and in writing books or replying to mails and fb – are things YOU need to answer. I will inform you – but my not informing you is not a license for you to behave like a moron and then say ‘Subra said so’.

I cannot answer every thing that is asked in my blog….and the following I will not even attempt:

Is Tata Steel a good share?

Is Birla Sunlife Frontline a good fund?

Suggest me one balanced fund

Is Top 200 become a very big fund…and will performance start getting impacted….

Should I buy a term insurance or an endowment insurance?

Should I have a child plan?

Subra can you suggest 10/20 stocks for investing over the next 20 years? I am a long term player.


well there is a long list…though some of these look generic, some are specific. The blog is just a menu card of what you need to do. If you do not KNOW or are not willing to learn, well, God bless you. Sadly, you should not shop for specific advice here. Free specific advice that you can get on websites and groups is amazingly dangerous. Your call.

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  1. Vikrant Kumar Rana

    Very well said and it can’t be more clear and straight forward than this.
    PS:This is my first comment on your blog after reading it for more than a year now.

  2. Subra Sir,

    Very Nicely Conveyed, Your comments are to the point which a laymen like me can understand.Keep going ………Sir

  3. Hi Sir,

    Could you suggest some genuine advisors or company names who could answer these questions – of course on fee basis.

    Mojority of people do not even know where to turn for help.

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