When you travel by GoAir they ask you to come 2 hours before the flight. They are right. You need to go. Their counters are so few and so over loaded that it takes an inordinately long time to check-in.

Wait a minute…why can’t I Web check IN?

Well for a good seat Go Air expects you to pay something – and I was wondering why.

Wait a minute..you joker Subra why can’t you go to the Kiosk?

Oops none of the 4 were working 🙂

So do they have a counter separate for people with no check in baggage?

NO. They are supposed to go to the Kiosk no?

Ok Subra after you got your nice aisle/ window seat was your experience better?

Well I am not a demanding passenger – all I needed was a glass of water.

Did you get it?

well glass no. Cup yes. My lips got wet.

Second cup tongue got wet…then 3rd cup it reached my throat.

What about the food?

So scarred by past experience that i did not have anything.

OK Why did you travel by Go Air?

Liked the flight timing – and more importantly client booked it.

I took an Ola from home (nerul) to the airport.

Hard working guy. Works from 5pm to 11am (oops 18 hours) EVERYDAY FOR THE WHOLE MONTH….takes off on 2 mondays IN A MONTH.

Chatty driver. Good guy gave him 5.

Landed in Delhi. Another city, another Ola.

Car not really as nice as Mumbai car. Playing loud Punju music. Said ‘bhaiyya off karo’,  did not happen.

Outside temperature was not bad…but I had the glass up. Asked him ‘Ac’…he said ‘should I switch it on’…the loud music was on..could not have a conversation…

I thought ‘Delhi’……reached destination. rated 3

Took next Ola Rohini to Dwarka (no Metro)

good driver, good car…..gave him a rating of 5.

Then  I realised that I am so good at changing from ‘Boss aage ka signal se right lena’ in Mumbai to ‘Bhaiyya aage ke Red light mein dahina mudna’ – so well that my brain does an auto switch in language and choice of words 🙂 no clue how. Wah re brain.

Checking in at Radisson Blu Dwarka…

‘Sir your hotel bill has been paid..but please pay 4k advance’. I blinked and said ‘have no cash’. He said..this is for ‘what you may order..’ I said ‘will not order anything’ relax. Conferred with his boss and did me a favor. Obliged.

Radisson blu Dwarka – great gym. Full range of euipments and well maintained.

Good spread of breakfast – but the place could not handle the crowd..very crowded at 8am…surprised at the no. of people…

Then only Metro. Bye bye to Ola in Delhi. Did not need. Got pampered by a sister who dropped me ..to the airport too!!


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