When I speak to women – right from 23 to 60 I find a sense of ‘money is not my issue – my husband takes care of that’ kinda attitude. It is not that all women are like that, but most of them are like that.

Then there is another category – say aged 32 earning Rs. 20L, husband earning about Rs. 30L – not bothering about managing money because they think they are earning too well.

There is another category who has no guts to sit with their husband and ask – lest he get angry!!

Well women handle money ONLY when forced too or their husbands push them to learn – just in case kinda event.

Here read on ..about what happened..


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  1. Maybe all the women subra meets are Sati-savitris from other generation. I do not see/encounter such women except from lower-middle class. Most of the upper/upper-middle class women are having a great life at the expense of husband..

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