What is worrying US, UK, and France?

India’s increasing literacy? China’s increasing productivity?

No. Neither.

both these countries did not realize that there are 2 billion + people who will work on less than a US $ 1 a day and families will live on less than 5 bucks a day. Now this person can make dolls, grow wheat, run a dairy, write code, make cars,….the limits are endless.

Now cut to 2017. USA has a big moment when the average ¬†American feels that the Indian, Chinese, Mexican is taking away his job. Not true. Competent people who are willing to work hard will find a job, and those who are lazy will wonder ‘who moved my cheese’. As a country today UK, USA, and France are asking that ‘who moved my cheese’.

Imagine US controlled UN had offered us loans to build dams – IF WE USED CEMENT imported from US. This was not very long ago. So the American companies which built itself based on such international loot is now wondering why that loot cannot continue. However, they have made a few smart moves. Many of us are addicted to famous American products for which there are no real substitutes – a Garmin watch – for example. Sports shoes – whichever you buy it is American. Apple phones, sports infra – bats, balls…just too many of us are US fans.

Uber is an American service, we use American planes – Boeing is still a big seller of aircraft…

So yes in many areas the Americans will dominate. Their technology, their brand power, etc. will not disappear over night. And yes their President will play around with visas and illegal immigrants. However what will happen to Walmart? will it be able to source goods from inside of USA. What if he says ‘no tax deduction for imported goods’ – will USA go to protectionism?

Will it offer India visa against liberalising of agricultural markets? Will GMO hit us bad?

difficult to answer..but worth pondering…

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  1. Absolutely spot on, everything under high-performance from sports equipment, neutritition, to lifestyle and industrial and everything medicine is imported. Everything beyond jugaad there is import dependency.

  2. Can we have a clean India? I mean just getting rid of the dirt, dust, squalor, filth, and general casual attitude to hygiene?
    I promise you, we won’t have to worry about what bothers the West.

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