A client opens a pink paper in the morning..and reads

“Mid-cap funds do better than large cap funds over a 10 year period”

“PPF returns are better than the 10 year equity fund in which you invested”

“ETF and Index funds have beaten a majority of mutual funds which are actively managed”

“there are no true to labels in the mutual fund industry”.

Then he goes to meet his MF adviser…at 10 am

Client: Should I invest in Hdfc Mid Cap…what do you think?”

Ans: I am only a form procurer who gets a small trail commission sir,

C: but you can tell me in which fund to invest, right now?

A: no sir, I cannot, I can only procure the form that you want

C: OK I want to invest in a good Mid cap fund should I choose Icici, Hdfc, UTI, Birla, Franklin…

A: Sir I have all the four Offer Documents and the Key Information Memorandum…which one would you want to read?

C: No, no, I do not want to read more, I have already read the morning paper..what more?

A: Sir how will YOU decide in which fund to invest?

C: I thought I will ask you.

A: Sir good idea sir, but the regulator has separated the adviser and the person filling in the form..

C: OK Let me ask my neighbor he has been investing for a long time…

A: That you can do sir, he is not covered by our regulator

C: Only thing is he cannot hear properly…so I will have to talk to his wife..she also knows

Client calls his neighbor and asks him…and then comes back to the agent.

C: I want to invest in an MIP with 10% investment in euity.

A: Sir which MIP?

C: Any MiP with 90% in debt instruments…

A: Sir, just out of curiosity, tell me what happened.

C: Well I am 31 years of age and have another 40 years so my brother in law suggested a Mid cap scheme. However, my neighbor siad ‘debt is safer’ so i want to put this money for say another 40 years.

A: Ok sir, here are the forms…

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