Most Indian ‘investors’ believe that Real Estate has no risk. But Subra, even if it falls, we will always own the place, and we can use it. This is one fantastic excuse. ‘Can we live in our shares’ good question.

Well some Indians are convinced that if you borrow money at say 10% interest, you cannot lose money in real estate. Why? because at the 30% slab, you save 70% in tax…so EVEN IF THE PROPERTY appreciates by just 7% p.a. we can make significant money.

‘But Subra RE never falls’ in India. Of course never falls. Stays exactly where it was for 7 years. Sorry, Economics told me that means it is not even matching inflation, but your fund cost is 10.5% p.a. Where have you made money?

What is the IRR on your existing RE? what about other assets? fair enough a question. Oops do not have an answer. “I think I did well in G, H, and J locations. In K location I paid Rs. 10L and the builder just vanished. In Benarghatta the builder is still in the ‘building’ mode and we are trying to file a suit against him..and in Electronic city the builder has given possession of the flat without the lift. I am unable to find a buyer who is serious…

Pune of course is the worst case..we have gone to court…here are the details…

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