Are you a workaholic?

Do you think you are a workaholic? Is this a question that you can answer honestly?

Is there a measuring stick to say whether you are a workaholic or not?

Let me try to answer this question based on what John Naish others have said on the said subject.

I know doctors who are so over worked that they do not do anything that they advice their patients to do – go for a walk, eat at the right times, exercise, sleep well!

Just read along and say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. More yes, and you are on the way to becoming a workaholic:

  • do you work more than 45 hours a week?
  • does your boss think it is ok to call you after 9pm and before 7am?
  • do you feel guilty if you leave office before 8pm?
  • do you check office mail at 11pm and first thing in the morning?
  • do you find communicating with your secretary and colleagues EASIER than talking to your kids?
  • don’t add travel time to the 45 hours – in the first question – if in Bangalore add 25 hours for travel a week
  • do you try to make money from your hobbies?
  • do you join hobby groups hoping to do some net working?
  • do you take work with you on vacations?
  • do you talk about work all the time?
  • do your hobbies lead you to more networking and work – Golf, for example
  • do you spend more time in the office because you feel more at ‘home’ there?

Well, some really embarrassing questions to answer.

Take time off, when in doubt say Yes. Know why psychiatrists are having a great time? Know why so many couples are choosing to be childless?

well, enjoy answering the questions…

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3 Responses to “Are you a workaholic?”

  1. We live in a world of double digit inflation. So shame in answering yes, however off late the FU money calculator has helped relax the nerves, so I don’t get worked up if mails are not checked on Sundays. It’s been a long world cup to world cup journey, thank you.

  2. Thankfully for me answer to every question is no but that’s not whole point.
    I think what matters is do you love the work you do and are you passionate about it, if yes then being workaholic might not be a bad idea in itself.

    But sadly most of us who who work as employees, do not like their job and that’s a big problem. If you end up being a workaholic employee who does like his job that’s a recipe for disaster no matter how much you are earning.

  3. Am married to a workaholic! And it has not been easy….

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