This is a kind of many years of pardon my walk in the Garden kind of a directionless approach….here are some of the things:

  • Rest and Stamina are terribly under rated – in investing and in running.
  • To act for 4 days you need 361 days of preparation – in investing or in fighting a war
  • If you are in the fund management business – remember your clients are smarter than you
  • Your customers are with you because they need investing help, not because they are dumb
  • Friendship, love, Morality, Mentorship, spreading knowledge, are all more IMPORTANT than money
  • Investment results have to be good enough to meet your goals
  • Chasing alpha, beta, gamma….are all fun or Time pass activities
  • If you have NO need to take risk, DON’T take risk
  • If you have NO appetite for risk, taking risk can be suicidal
  • The mutual fund industry judges itself on AUM
  • You should judge a fund on its performance
  • Some of the big fund houses are very arrogant because they were LUCKY to get good fund managers
  • In many fund houses, they have no clue whether they are lucky or really smart
  • When a fund house does not know whether it is luck or being smart – it is usually the former
  • Why no fund house keeps an investor meet (PPFAS is an exception) beats me
  • Why the Regulator does not compel INVESTOR MEETS by mutual funds beats me
  • Why fund managers think it appropriate to meet ONLY the big GATHERERS and not big OWNERS beats me
  • Money is not just a piece of paper – it has emotions – dreams, fears, nightmares…..
  • If you are an IFA reading this do remember whatever the fund manager does not do, you get a chance to do

just some ramblings on a Sunday morning…enjoy



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