here is a book review…done by…bemoneyaware

The blog is mostly handled by  Kirti, Shoobha,Sona,Ritu, all women.

We are not financial experts or even related to financial stream. We realized that though we are financially educated we are lost in financial maze, we want to find way through the maze and we don’t want our children to be in same boat.

Our Website bemoneyaware

An uneducated individual armed with a credit card and access to a mortgage can be just as dangerous to themselves and their community as a person with no training who is given a car to drive. We started our website  to teach basics of money – Earning, Spending, Banks etc.


Review of the Book : You Can Be Rich With Goal based Investing

Review of the Book : You Can Be Rich With Goal based Investing

where to buy this book?

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  1. I appreciate the effort involved in writing the book. Ordered a copy.
    Just glad I didn’t have to sacrifice a thumb like ekalavya.

  2. Gurus seem to have got less vengeful, less dedicated to one student, and since they can produce many copies of the same stuff willing to settle for Rs. 399…and even offer discounts on that.

    By the way what will I do with your thumb? I have so much time that I keep twiddling mine…and do not need one more to twiddle..I do not have that much time.

    So enjoy the read without worrying about the thumb.

  3. sir any plans for book on post retirement life?
    you were collecting inputs sometime back.
    are the topics covered in this book

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