For the embedded value of the life insurance company, asset management company and others..including the market value of the investments ….the Hdfc Ltd. share should be quoting at Rs. 3000 at least.

Why is there such a 50% discount? or even more?

I actually do not know and keep wondering whether it is because of corporate governance – oops sorry, Hdfc is the epitome of corporate governance right?

Well if one has read the papers…Hdfc shareholders are paying a ‘non compete fee’ to Max promoters..Rs. 850 crores. Read it again Rs. 850 crores to one man ..and his group..a tantalising large amount. Stunning.

My question is WHY? WELL, I have no clue about what happened…or could happen..but I am voting AGAINST the resolution…what resolution..well well……read on

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  1. how to vote against this?i am shareholder of HDFC..but i am not sure how to vote….i havent received any email from HDFC registrar for voting or any AGM related email….

  2. Yes. Not sure how they reached that figure and also do not think neither Mr.Singh nor Max would be in A position to enter this space not would they be in a position to compete with the new merged entity.

    Not just this .. fact that HDFC group NPA are so low and fact that higher management has huge stake in stock prices doing well …kind of makes you uncomfortable

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