Once upon a time long age before the MBAs did management consulting…there was a Milkman. He got up in the morning milked his cows and took the milk to the market to sell.

On his way was a nice stream and everyday he would think of taking a dip…but time constraints held him back.

One day he met a management consultant who promised him “I will double your income” he said. Our milkman was impressed. The MC told him..you have milk worth Rs. 500..now add water to exactly the same quantity and sell it. Te Milkman was scared..but he still did it.

He was overjoyed…he sold milk worth Rs. 1000 and was coming home triumphant. He had broken the myth of his father who had told him..be good to the clients.

On his way…he saw the stream…and decided to take a dip. Today he felt very rich…so he took off his clothes and went for a swim. Near the bank was a tree which had many monkeys. One of the monkeys took away his shirt (and the cash!) and went up the tree. Our milkman started waving madly at the monkey. The monkey too waved back with the shirt….and some of the money fell down. Then the monkey threw down the shirt.

Our milkman, a simple man, took the shirt and started counting the cash. It was Rs. 500.

He said to himself : “paani ka paisa paani mein gaya”….what came from the water…went to the water.

So if you have had a couple of million cash at home….see how it came to you…

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  1. Yeah majority of the black money holders tape it to back of their toilet tanks, stitch it inside mattresses or store it in a concealed wall safe behind their pooja room using combination code as alternately glowing light bulbs.

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