Inspired by the super success of one of the regulators, the government decided to appoint more regulators – Eating regulator, Exercise regulator, and a Medical Regulator.

The highlights of some of the recommendations of the MR are as follows: (this is just a summary, the whole document is about 2654 pages). Here is a one page summary:

  • doctors will have to disclose how much income they earned last year
  • the doctor will not be able to recommend any medication
  • the doctor can only diagnose the patient and recommend that the PHARMACOLOGIST see the symptoms and recommend
  • the patient will have to pay a fee to the doc and to the pharmacologist
  • the patient will have to take the recommendation of the pharmacologist and go to the pharma shop and buy it.
  • the pharma shop keeper will have to tell the patient that the same medicines are available white labelled and it costs less
  • the pharma shop keeper should show all the medicines, and the commissions that he gets on each medicine
  • if the patient so desires he can ask for his last 3 years Income tax returns
  • the doctor will not /cannot talk to the medical rep except in the presence of the PHARMACOLOGIST
  • the doctor will have to charge his fees only by cheque or credit card or debit card,
  • the doctor will keep a recording of all his recommendations..
  • dentists and Opthals should display the cost of the machinery that they use
  • dentists should inspect the teeth and then recommend a line of action
  • the dentist who recommends will not be able to execute the process – that will have to be done by another dentist
  • dentists should recommend what is to be done – another dentist will have to execute it
  • the patient should buy all the medicines, etc from a shop other than the dentist’s shop

Don’t worry doctors and dentists….this is just a HUMOR COLUMN….RELAX…IT is a dig on the equity markets regulator…that is all..


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