Dear Mr. Subra

I am writing this to you – but please do not disclose my name and email id – many of my clients read your blog. The ratio of articles that you write against the adviser is quite a lot, but you also write some articles favoring them. Hence I decided to write to you.

Many of my clients use my services for a limited purpose – they use multiple advisors like banks also. Even for customers for whom I do take trouble to explain which product is good for them, they continue to buy wrong products from other advisors.

Should I worry about this, or should i change my attitude and try to make maximum money from these clients – till 2019 at least?

My clients who have taken term insurance from many insurance companies – but I find term insurance from one particular company now the cheapest – should I ask them to switch to this company? Clients will not pay me a ‘switching’ fee – but the savings for them will be good. As an insurance adviser my manager will lose his job if all my 324 clients switch from ULIP and expensive term.

I am only 32 years of age – should I change my career? I have enough family money to do some other business like buying and selling second hand imported cars. I have a smart client base – and this seems to be a better option. What say?

My Answer:

You have only mentioned your age and the number of clients that you have. Assuming you have a smart client base, and they are rich too..I am assuming that you have about Rs. 30 crores of aum. This is not bad at all and you could continue to service them or sell them off to a consolidator like Ifast or you could ask or…there are many options.

i hope to write a real long reply one of these days…








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