John Tempelton believed that you needed to diversify. He was a Jap bull and had a lot of investments in Asia. Warren Buffett has most of his investments in USA – but his favorites like Coke have a lot of operations in Asia and Africa. Some Gurus believe in value investing, some in deep value investing, and most of the others in Momentum Trading. Take your pick.

However, will you be able to track them to make money? I was told about 6 months back that “monsoon may be bad” – my best bets that made money for me in this market were Coromandel International and Jain Irrigation DVR – both had a terrible 2 years because of poor monsoon.

One super big expert told me long ago “Subra Coromandel and Eid Parry are commodities and will not make any money”. Go and check the history of both these shares.

For most is just a chance to come on the idiot box and say something which sounds great at that point in time. It does not mean that you can make MONEY if you act on what they tell you…you have to do what they actually do. Sadly there is not enough stuff on what happens in India…but Pension Partners have compiled this…

Following Gurus Is Not A Strategy

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