Does Financial freedom allow you to retire soon? Do Financially Free people retire and sit at home? If you saw Prashant Jain’s investment in his own funds, surely he is not ‘working’ to earn a salary, right? He obviously has more money than he requires. Now he is just one example that has come to light. Most of the people whom I meet have net worth in the region of say Rs. 30 – Rs. 2oo crores – and I AM NOT TALKING OF BUSINESSMEN WHO HAVE SOLD their businesses. I am talking of people like PJ – who have created wealth with ESOP and some sensible investing and of course luck!

Financial freedom allows you to do the following:

  • working with zero stress
  • retire when you can, NOT when you Must
  • retire from work, not from life
  • decide what to do with your money without worrying ‘log kya kahenge’
  • donate to charities / choose not to do any charity – THE CHOICE IS THEIRS, not society’s.
  • choose what you want to do
  • choose which clients you wish to meet
  • choose what clients to give up and what businesses to give up
  • make sure that the HR/ appraisal meets are just some kind of a Time Pass

and what happens once you retire?

  • choose asset allocation to satisfy yourself – throw the text book away
  • I know people with annual expenses of Rs. 5 lakhs and net worth of Rs. 30 crores and aged 70+
  • choose how to distribute the wealth post your life
  • do not let your kids pressurize you on where to live, what to do, how to deal with the wealth
  • decide how to dress
  • decide what time to get up
  • decide when to give your wealth away


Believe me, it is amazing. Do it. Just Do it.

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  1. Sir, it is very nice. I have a doubt…i am doing investments regularly and suddenly i thought of meltdown of 1992, 2000,2008.. and now it is 2016…
    nifty PE is also more than 24.5..

    Please write something about this in next or upcoming article. It will be very useful and reduce our fear…

  2. Sir, like Ashok suggested, please write an article on how to deal with a major correction or recession in a scenario where one is fully invested.

  3. if i say stay calm, will u listen to me? if you do not listen to your IFA why do u think u will listen to me?

    advice is useless – it completely depends on how u react, not what i say.

  4. Subra

    IMHO – I think you should advice and pass knowledge that you have gained to others. How people react to it is upto them.


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