I think a soldier should know the following…just in case this is not comprehensive enough…please feel free to add …it would be great if you are a military person..or the kid of a defense person..or just a well wisher…

Assessing the Situation or making The Balance Sheet
Financial Basic Training
What Determines Before-Tax and After-Tax Income?
How Does Inflation Affect Financial Planning?
How Does the Time Value of Money Affect Your Finances?
How Risk and Reward Affect Your Decisions Summary
Military Pay, Allowances, and Benefits
What are the Components of Your Monthly Pay? Travel and Pay Allowances
What Other Important Financial Benefits Do You Have?
What Military Benefits are Paid at Death? Suggested References
Financial Planning and Budgeting
How Do You Set Financial Goals?
How Do You Develop a Family Budget?

Banking Smart
What Banking Services Do You Need? How Should You Select a Bank?
Types of Bank Accounts

How to handle your relationship manager, agent, broker, and understand conflict of interest
Using Credit Wisely
How Does Consumer Credit Fit in a Personal Budget?
What is Involved in a Consumer Loan?
How Should You Use Credit and Debit Cards?
What Should You Do If You Have Credit Problems?
Paying Your Taxes
Buying a Car Рdo you really need one?  Automobile Insurance
What (and How Much) Insurance Should You Carry?

Meeting Medical Expenses
Military Health Benefits
Dental Care
Long-Term Care

How Should You Decide Where to Live? Should You Rent?
Should You Buy?

Protecting Your Wealth with Insurance

Providing for College Expenses

Developing an Investment Strategy

Investing in Financial Assets
What are the Various Debt Instruments? What are Equity Assets, Such as Stocks?

Mutual Funds

Investing in Real Assets
What Role Should Real Estate Play in Your Portfolio?

Life Insurance

Military Retirement Benefits
How Much is “Standard” Retirement Pay?
What About Retirement Pay If You are
Estate Planning

Retirement Survivor Benefits



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