When a bank sells you more and more products what they say is “we are deepening the relationship”. Well, well.

The bank sells more so that they can earn more. Should they cross sell? mis sell?

Well I would like to (make it love to) ..I would love to do the home work..and grill many of our senior bankers about the mis selling and cross selling that they do. I found that one big bank..very big bank..is unable to ‘up sell’ to 70% of its customers…but the 30% of its @#$%^ clients keep buying the shit that they get…here watch Senator Elizabeth Warren grill the CEO of Wells Fargo…


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  1. Madly chasing growth at whatever cost it may take to please the shareholders at the cost of customers and
    when caught firing the low level soldiers as if they were the one who orchestrated it.
    Bank isn’t a nice place to be in !!

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