You got the financial 101 class right. You got a good degree. You topped it with an Ivy League Management degree. You hit pay dirt made your first million rupees. Good show.

You turned 29 years old and have got paall the equations right. You are about to get married. You have no loan except a home mortgage -and very much in the black because of some tangible repayments you made. i

Now what?

Welcome to Senior Adulthood in Finance. Lets call it Finance 201. 

Life is funny. More money, more problems, more care taking. Start by talking to your spouse (to be spouse) about money. Make sure that you are on the same page.

When you say ‘expensive’ do you mean a Rs. 1000 Tee shirt or a Rs.6500 Tee shirt bought in M&S?

When she says Foreign vacation does she mean back packing in Nepal or a Star Cruise in a 7* ship?

What breaks a marriage is all this stuff. Read this:

Up the Retirement Ante’ : Of course you are not going to retire tomorrow. However at 45 if you’re tempted to tell your boss “F…you I do not want to come from tomorrow’ you need a ‘F …you fund’. If you enjoy your job and like your boss let the job continue as long as you wish. Do remember that retirement can happen earlier than later. Be prepared.

The scary part: all going well. In your mind you and your fiancee are planning 2 kids, a bigger house, high end expensive education for your children….Sure if your income continues to gallop the way it is going to be a bed of roses..

What if you are not there?

What if you develop critical illness?

What if you are hit by accident and cannot earn?

These are scary questions – go and get Term Insurance and Medical Insurance. Critical insurance if you can understand what it means and what will pay or not pay.

What if you do, well, Not so well in your later age? Well this amount that you saved/ invcested would have grown to a decent size..and will help you cushion the loss of income earning opportunities.

Want some scary AMERICAN information: In a country which has no retirement age…less than 2% of the people can increase their salary BEYOND THE AGE OF 45 years.

Start early, invest well. Makes sense.


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  1. Subra,

    I suddenly realise how lucky my husband is. Only he doesn’t know.

    We never had any money talk! We simply knew we had to save coz we weren’t going to get anything from our parents!!!

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