Many people think that because they do marathons or other endurance activities, they are fit. Partially true. To be fit you need to be strong, have good endurance, be flexible…and that is what makes you fit.

Can you be fit by doing only running? No.

Only going to a gym? depends on how good a trainer you have. Not doing a proper balanced work out is a huge problem for many of us.

Can you be fit by just doing yoga? the answer is YES. Encourage your company to start a 1 hour session say 4 hours a week…and you can repeat it at you can get your 8 hours of yoga a week. There are many yoga instructors or even institutions available to come to your office and teach you…why wait? Hello hello HR are you listening?

So at whatever age if you can add between 4-7 hours of yoga a week…you are good and headed towards fitness !

read is a brilliant article on yoga….


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  1. Isn’t this a classic conflict if interest? An UrbanYoga site will obviously say this. World over, the health recommendations from Governments include 120 mins of cardio and 60 mins of resistance training.

  2. I have been doing yoga since I was 10 years old. That time baba ramdev also had not come into picture.

    My entire family in -lawas, parents, one sister’s family has been doing this.
    And they are in great health.
    Since my daughter was born – I kind of slacked off. And suffer from one or two small health problems.

    I can vouch for yoga that a person will not need much of doctor’s help if he does it regularly, even for 1/2 n hr.

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