As a nation our attitude towards success is a little funny. Let me explain.

Try standing in a group and say something nice about any successful person РSunil Gavaskar, Lata Mangeshkar, Dhirubhai/Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Aamir Khan, Sindhu, Gopichand, Narayan Murthy, Deepak Parekh, Kumarmangalam Birla,  Sachin Tendulkar Рthe person, age, gender,  does not matter.

A couple of people will say nice things…but immediately somebody will bad mouthing them…

‘Aamir should not have said…..’

‘Sachin should have paid duty on his Ferrari

‘But his son is gay…

But his son had a divorce…

Look at Gopi…why did Amitabh Bachhan endorse Pepsi?


Come on guys each of these guys/girls choose a career. Made it a success. Earned money. Paid taxes.

What they do with their money is THEIR CHOICE.

So should SRT sponsor a candidate for badminton or support a school for challenged kids in Kenya or support an elephant nursery in Tanzania is SRT’s call. Not yours. Just shut up. Do something yourself.

Try saying something nice about Mukesh Ambani..and OMG there will be such a stream of cribbers!! He has created wealth for tons of people. Yes I can scream about good or bad performance – hey I have a choice. I can just sell RIL shares and move on. I will have no relationship with him. IT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS to talk about him. Ditto for you. Like him? good Love him? super good..just go and sell / buy his share. And ha..keep your views to yourself.


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  1. ajayrajaram what if they did or what if they did not? how much of your taxes did you pay HONESTLY, VOLUNTARILY, HAPPILY and by choice?

    most salaried guys make a virtue out of necessity..face it if you had a choice you would not have paid it

  2. its ok for Subra to talk about others having stomach burn, its subras business !!!
    but other people should not talk about others ?
    You are speaking good about others, and others are speaking bad,
    bottom line is good/bad both are having opinion about others which they have expressed

  3. sorry, my CA doesn’t allow me to pay my taxes HONESTLY, VOLUNTARILY, HAPPILY and by choice?
    He will lose his job

  4. The people who appreciate about these so called successful does not keep their views for themselves then why should who dont even consider these are successful people should keep their view with in themselves.. Its not about burning we should talk about the right set of people and they may not come under the purview of success or failure. Success here always tells about what the rest of the world define about success.. Let us say i am a successful person.. typical salaried class.. does not have to work from my age of 40 say to a age of 60.. The so called assets have built from 1973 from my parents.. we are very much successful by self (Though i dont believe about success or failure).. I know 100’s of such people in my friends category.. but the world does not talk about us.. So there is a big political game about talking abt these celebrities. and defining success..

  5. Siva Kumar
    What you said is true. I agree with you.
    I don’t know if the meaning of what you said is told
    clearly for every body to understand, but it provides an alternative perspective to what subra says in the above article.
    While we may appreciate the so called successful people on only some aspects of their success, we can’t take them as role models for everything,or as icons of values, etc.
    And we also cannot ignore the vested interests involved in promoting and projecting them as such….. Or even more than their worth…
    Finally every body has to define his own success and has to get his values from his highest source of faith…

  6. Most people are not put off by the success of these people, they are put off by the thievery of these people. I respect Sachin Tendulakar as a human (which respect I have for every single human being) and I like his batting. He is hardly a role model and he is a tax evader.

    Same goes for “I’m a farmer” Amitabh Bachchan. And the Ambanis and the like. I am completely indifferent to their success and fame but not so indifferent to their unethical conduct. I feel the same for even close friends who behave unethically.

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