I sincerely hope that the people who did the guffaws are NOT reading this post. I sincerely hope Vidya Bala and Aarati Krishnan are reading this. It would be fine if ex Journo – IIM A – Mckinsey..Kamiya Jaiswal is reading this post…obviously none of them did it. There are many many many who can laugh at this..but I am naming them because I have shared some of these with KJ and she may recognize some of them…so here…some famous ones.

Most start with the line ‘Subra..gimme a nice story idea na…’ so please take that as a given…

  1. Subra: I think you should do a story on NEGATIVE returns over a 2 day period in liquid fund….

J: ‘Subra I really looked hard…but there was no liquid fund with NAV less than 10…which means there was no negative return, right”

2. J: What is your view on SEBI allowing 10 billion US $ in mutual fund investments?

Subra: you gotta be joking..not a rupee will come in..

J: Subra that is YOUR VIEW…what if US $ 10 billion came into the MF industry..

S: hmm

J: Subra I just want a bite..what will be the impact of US $ 10 Billion coming into the MF industry…(year 2013 I think)

S: i think it will be like magic – only thing is given our cost structure, do you EVER THINK any FII will invest in our EQUITY funds? Gimme a break…

NOTE: she hated me for wasting her time 🙂 

3. J: Subra can you give me some nice points on ‘why ULIP is good..after IRDA reduced costs of the schemes’

S: Tough one. I do not like Insurance and Investments being mixed..

J: Subra that is BIAS..ulip is a good product..i just saw they are cheaper than mutual fund – they have only 15 Rs. per month admin charges..

S: but they have amc fees…

J: no no subra it has no amc fees. Amc fees is only in mutual fund..not in insurance.

S: oops sorry i forgot we were talking ULIP…maybe i got unlucky.. 🙂

4. J: Subra, SIPs are tax-free right?

5. I know mutual funds have tax benefits when you invest, but when you make capital gains, it is taxable, right?

6. ‘Equities have worked in the past…what is the guarantee that equities will work in the future’ – easy for people like you to say such things..but should I be investing in equities?

……..of course Q 6 can be a subject of debate…:-)

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