When you meet the youngsters of today some of them are clear about what they want. Many of them are not clear at all about what they want, and look confused.

What is surprising is their ‘entitled’ feeling:

  • I am 29, I should have at least a ……car. Depending on where he is from it could be a Nano or a Honda City.
  • Our honeymoon is in Europe – come on Subra sir cannot go to Thailand in the month of May, right?
  • No, no, Nerul is too far away I am looking for a rental house in Chembur. Vashi will mean about Rs. 2000 on toll alone 🙂
  • I am not happy with the MBA I got..I am planning to do a 1 year MBA from ISB or IIM …yes it will cost Rs. 27 lakhs 🙂

What is wrong with this generation?

Well Happiness = What you Get MINUS Expectations.

Maybe our gen (born in the 1950s to 1970s) had lesser expectations (I am not sure), were less ambitious and therefore more easily satisfied? Not sure.

So Gen Y is wondering why they are unhappy?

Read on…


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  1. Dear Subra,

    They are seeing a lot of materialistic world. Can’t help it unless they have self constraint. It will hit them very hard though, unless they mend their ways. Unfortunately this is not a common breed.

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