• Subra you have no clue about the pleasures of owning a house
  • My children can scribble or paint on a wall
  • But Subra at some stage I have to buy no?
  • RE gives 23% p.a. return over long periods of time
  • So what if I earn only Rs. 6L p.a. my house is now worth Rs. 2.5 crores – I cannot afford to buy it now
  • Too much marital pressure to buy a house
  • You do not know how much pressure can be put by a successful father in law
  • To each his own Subra, but everybody needs at least one house
  • I have 2 daughters – I need to buy 3 houses at least…for each of the daughters

Well I have some simple theories…NORMALLY when you ask whether to buy or to rent….you are actually wanting to hear ‘buy’. Normally if a person is asking a question..he knows the answer…

read on..change the name of the cities to Mumbai, Delhi,….whatever and the $ to Rs. the story remains the same..we get into some kinda mental trap..that to enjoy an asset we need to own it. Wrong. I can enjoy the flowers on a tree/ plant without plucking it, and destroying it..right?

Rent vs. Buy: If You Have to Ask, You Should Probably Rent


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  1. Buying a house is everyone’s dream for which everyone is running day & night to earn money. But buying a house on loan may not be good option, better save money and pay down payment to reduce loan burden.

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