Sir I have read your blog…I like it.

Me: Thank you

He: Sir name some more personal finance blogs in India.

Me: There are none. I mean I really do not know blogs who do not sell something or the other. I peddle influence.

He: Sir, are you a Chartered Accountant?

Me: Yes sir..

He: Will you file my Income tax Return?

Me: No sir, i do not do that work…

He: What work do you do?

Me: Regarding investments..

He: Arre, will you manage my portfolio…I bought some shares of …

Me: No, no I am not a portfolio manager

He: Will you advise me on how to manage my financial life?

He: Will you trade on my behalf?

Me: No. I am not a broker, I used to be. Long ago.

Me: I can, but not sure whether you will listen to me. NOrmally I deal only on the investing side. I really do not understand Real Estate, Gold, etc. Nor do I understand market timing. I do not understand rating of mutual funds.

Worse. I do not know anybody who does, and is willing to work for me.

He: All this is very confusing, will you be my financial planner?

Me: I would have been. However, Debashis Basu of Moneylife and one more person who gave up his CFP education say you do not need a financial planner. So I am confused about what you want from me too!

He: Sir ‘What can you do for me?’ I want to be engaged with you for my investment, tax, …etc.

Me: Come and meet me. I will charge you a per hour fee. Make your investment through my code. This year it will be 5 hrs. Next year 2 hrs…in 2016 YOU SHOULD NOT NEED ME..there will be nothing that I will have to tell you..In fact if you are very smart, you do not need me now itself!

He: Thank you, Sir, what is this post called?

I do not know. I do not need to make a living selling financial products – even though I do it for a select few people. I make most of my training by doing talking assignments.

I am what you called ‘satisfied’ and know how and when to say ‘Enough’. In fact my lectures are called “Santhushti hi Sampathi hai”. It means ‘Satisfaction is the real Wealth’.

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