For those of us who have read ‘Being Mortal’ it has been a good read if not a great read.

It is so easy to nod with what he has written. New medicines have not improved lives, they have PROLONGED lives. I seriously am ready to go TODAY. I am not willing to be admitted to a big hospital with revenue targets. It scares the hell out of me. Doctors I meet as friends tell me that it is mentally, physically, emotionally and financially abusive to be staying in a hospital for a long period of time. So, they tell me, when you are willing to go, go to a small friendly hospital which will tell you the truth. Do not go to a ventilator Subra, it does not help.

The more I see people who are bored (no not run out of money, health, or anything) – and have completely the willingness to live. Some of them have given up on eating, enjoying, processing information – meeting people, laughing…everything seems painful.

Is it not time that we let them go? let them decide…

I wish to die at home (not in a hospital). I am sure I may not have the guts or the mental power to do this..perhaps i may..or i may not…but this is how I wish to go…

wanna come?

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  1. Such a sad article in the morning Subra. Wish you and all of your readers a “Healthy” life. May we all live healthy till our last breath…

  2. good article.
    Thank you.
    This is a privilege from god to die peacefully – without pain and when our purpose to live on earth is done.

  3. As an intensive care physician, I beg to differ. Blanket statements like ‘ventilators don’t help’ are misleading. It depends on what you are admitted with. What if you were admitted with an easily remediable affliction.? Say, after an accident?

  4. Dear Subra,

    This is the only thing one really needs after a decent life, which is to die peacefully at home and do so quick, when one’s utility has run out. But unlike most other things in life that can be learnt, this cannot be learnt. It can only be hoped, with the delivery of that hope in the hands of forces beyond us.


  5. Ha! You think your daughter will let you go so easily?

    I had long back told the parent– no tube torture for you, no ventilator nonsense– but when it came to the crux,as a daughter I wanted to take every damn chance and I’m glad I did.
    He had wanted to come home so badly. What to do.

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