Wealth Forum did a survey of distributors and what they said is not very flattering for Hdfc mutual fund which considers itself as a leader.

The leadership is missing in distributor engagement, technology, training, Investor awareness program – and worse in the distributor confidence that they can create wealth for the client in the long run.

No it does not make much of an impact on my views, but yes I was happy to see Motilal Oswal rising up in the ranks…good move Aashish and Team.

FT continues to be there and thereabouts. One can see the impact of Nilesh in Kotak, but one cannot see much of an impact of Suraj Kaeley in UTI. I guess the answer is in the private sector vs public sector powers and budgets !!

Nice to see Naren’s credibility keep going up, up and away!! Good work Raghav Iyengar, Nimesh Shah and team…

by the way my view on fund management does not change much. I am looking for reasonable competence, luck, strong brand, fund manager integrity, and a good process…and that does not change at least for 2016. No great shuffles expected. Relax.


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