In India to be the CEO of a company you should be media savvy. Or you should be brave enough to completely ignore the media and work hard on the company’s fortunes. That is your job right?

However if you are not so English savvy and you come on TV, they will annihilate you. Even simple, not very sharp media people can hurt you. Hurt you real  bad.

In one company called VRL Logistics…the CEO/ Promoter made a statement..which was interpreted by the media as “we will enter the aviation business ..and we do not much care for what the shareholders think”. Well it got conveyed like that. I did not watch the original…but saw the price fall from the mid 400s to mid 200s. Well it hit a low of 252…but I had already bought it at 277 and was wondering whether I made a mistake. Today it is at 300. I do think that the promoter is good – but that is a personal call..I have no clue whether the share will go back to 480. I am sure that I am happy with the 10% return that I am sitting on in a matter of 2 weeks..

thank you Media, I love you. First time paid media paid me 🙂

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  1. Watched the recorded clip. Mr Sankeshwar tried his best to put his thoughts together. But wrongly interpreted by media.

  2. Hi Subra sir,

    I read your blog everyday. I read all your writing with eyes wide open. From your writing, I try to get which stock you are buying. One such stock I got from this particular blog is “VRL Logiistics”. I purchased it at 312 and sold today at 355. I got a profit of more than 10%. Thank you very much Subra sir. God bless you, your family and your well wishers.

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