here is an open challenge..

here is a list of companies which owe a lot of money to a lot of bankers. The open challenge is that NONE OF THESE companies will repay their lenders in full.

It is amazing that these companies are going around raising money (Imagine Reliance Mutual Fund is in the wealth business!)….


Open challenge ….they will not repay…


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  1. I dare to go against your open challenge.
    Their debts are so high as compare to their assets for realization.

    However, RBI is taking some useful steps to fix the problem.

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. So ultimately who will pay for this…?

    Common man of the country…

    If banks doesn’t get their money back….Depositors will have to bear the cost….

    If govt. bail out the companies…. it would be again from tax payers money…

  3. They are never going to repay their debt, we are going to (pay theirs)! Welcome to the idea of some ‘bad bank’, with Govt. as primary stakeholder, which will buy all the NPAs from the PSUs.

  4. with an interest spread of >5%, these write-offs are all but expected as ‘business as usual’. perhaps a constitutional amendment is needed to curb this menace…

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