I am not sure if we all expect our children to ‘take care’ if we continue to live till we are past 100. Seriously I do not I am expecting my daughter to look after me / my spouse.

It makes sense to move to an old age home at say age 72 and stay there till you are say 82 years of age. At this stage you need to go to a geriatric home – where they take care of all your needs. Obviously the second home that you move to (at age 82) will not be so great and is is possible that it is a little depressing.

At 72 I wish to have the option of whether to cook, and a good youngster to look after my banking – a once in a month kinda activity.

I meet so many people who say ‘I will stay with my children’. I know one couple who lost both their kids – did we not see that in the theater accident in Delhi? how many brother-sisters were killed? what happens then?

Now I know 2 widows who are in their 80s who have lost their children and are now not too keen to move into geriatric care.

Ego? I have no clue. One lady has reluctantly moved in and another lady has employed a full time maid to look after her. I know the maid – and trust her implicitly. If she were to steal the old lady will never ever find out. The old lady cannot count cash forget keeping track of the utensils, silverware, etc.

Too many people have their ego stopping them from seeking help and moving to an old age home…look at this couple – they could have moved to FAITH – a nice old age home in Bennargatta, Bengaluru…


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  1. lakshminarasimman

    it is not ego.
    it is the difficulty of changing when both brain and body is decaying and nobody is around

  2. lakshminarasimman

    i also realized that this option will work if you are able bodywise and brain is also functional

    if i fall in bathroom and break my hip bone or worse if my brain gets alzheimers, i am really afraid what is going to happen

  3. i think, there is need of affordable old age homes offered by really helping NGOs on one side , and awareness of using home as means (when retirement corpus is insufficient) among retirees.

  4. amazingly stupid not to have friends in a city where you have lived all your life. Nobody to visit or take you to a doc? poor human skills..

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