Well the question to ask is not whether the equity markets will go up. The question to ask is when will it go up. The biggest success story in India is the IFA. He has done a great job of equity mutual fund sales. He has gone around the country and convinced about 1,00,000,00 people to put in an average of Rs. 3000 per month. This is about 5 billion US $ a year and keeps coming in rain or shine. I also know from a couple of fund houses that many investors have opted for the auto ‘Top up’ which means that the average amount can only go up. Also when a person does a Rs. 4000 sip…he almost always renews it for say at least 5000. With 2-3 online sellers of mutual funds, the online subscribers may be signing up for bigger amounts.

All in all, the amount coming into the equities is either increasing at a fast pace or at a slower pace, but the direction is clear.

Corporate results can only improve from here – so some more money can come in.

Yes. Expect major changes. Expect a few banks to downsize. Expect boutique wealth management companies to come up. Expect 5-6 life insurance companies to list. Expect the regulator of mutual funds trying to make it for the small fund houses and fund industry intermediaries to survive. Be ready for contradictions. Expect the market to still go up. Right through the roof.

Expect Airlines to make money. Not tons, but lots. Expect fuel prices to go up…but not much.

The future is very b…..

b could stand for bright or bleak. Choose your word.

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  1. Market will reward those who all will show patience n keep doing SIP and rest of the public will dream only that their property worth will expand day n night so that one day they will live at peace or sell to go for char dham yatra or visit haridwar after 60+ n do bhajans.

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