Did Modi do well over the past 2 years?

I am sure that the jury is still out on that and people are evaluating..and that will continue..

I was not happy at the pace at which Na Mo was moving, but having spoken to many bankers, I was convinced that he is a man in a hurry. Yes banking reforms could have been faster, black money could have been brought back, that did not happen. He could have made some adhoc changes in the psu – including the bank. That did not happen -but every bank Chairman is more than willing to switch positions with his driver! They have never been under so much stress.

IAS officers are not very happy with the pressure on them to perform.

Yes we are 130 on the ‘ease of doing business’ but you must remember with the repealing of about 1200 Acts, and the passing of the bankruptcy act, we are getting better and better even in this ranking.

Corruption at the top is surely dramatically reduced. This has to translate to better admin at the lower end with Income Tax and other Revenue authorities.

Road, Railway, Coal and Telecom have surely improved.

Psu profitability is up – and some of the executives are shitting in their pants.

I have neither the brains nor the stamina to find out REALLY what has happened.

The Economist, WSJ, etc. are all anti Modi and have been so for a long time…

Now if wsj says nice things…it must be true



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  1. He may not have fulfilled all his promises(maybe because of the large number of promises he made), but I guess everybody can see the progress in rail, cleanliness(a bit), international relations, etc.

  2. Even if does nothing but roots out corruption by making the system transparent and light on regulation, my vote would go to him!

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