This article is for those who are now in their 20s. The gen earlier to ours – I mean our parent generation has comfortably live to its 90s. I attended 3 funerals of people more than 100 years of age in 2015. I do now know a few people in their late 90s – who may easily go to their 100, if not 105.

Our generation may also live to its 90s. A few of us may go into our 100.

The kids who are in their 20s and 30s will MORE COMFORTABLY go into their 100s. Surely the kids born today have a very high probability of going into their 100.

Careers will be different. You may study, work, take a sabbatical and re tool. So 2/4 careers till you are 80, and then a retired life of 35 years will be difficult to accept! Imagine retiring at 59 or 60. What will you do for the next 45 years of your life? 

So people will have to live life differently….read this…

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  1. Sir, FT is asking for a paid subscription to read the article. Am i doing it right?

    Do you really believe my generation (people in 20-30) will live to be over 100?
    Looking at the lifestyles, stress levels, etc. we have i doubt w’ll make it past 70.

    Maybe the doctors and advances in medicine can keep us going?
    Even that will be with so many medical interventions that i doubt it will be worth living like that.

    I hope i am wrong and we can lead the healthy lives we should be leading.

  2. I actually think the opposite. Our generation, currently in 30s, will not see beyond 70s. Most of them! I know we need to financially plan for either of the spouse living well into 90s but I highly doubt the increase in life span.

    There are a lot of comfortable things our generation is used to that is directly detrimental to health – cars, absolute lack of physical activity, not even taking the stairs, absolute addiction to screens of all sizes, junk food and special foods like biriyanis becoming a daily affair etc. The stress levels are at very peak as well.

  3. Despite stress and new diseases we will live beyond 100 years. Our medical world will not allow to die before 80. The one thing which does matter is either we live active or passive(bed)

  4. lakshminarasimman

    very true

    our cm is close to 70, opposition party youth wing leader is 60+, opposition party leader is 90+ and is expecting to be cm by 2021

  5. Sudheer Variar M

    Not able to read the article as it asks for a subscription. What I feel is that with the developments that are happening in technology and medical field, one is sure to live longer.

    However, the longevity will be just in life, eyes, ears and other organs may not function fully or even partly, one will be just living a “life” with so many external and internal support systems.

    Do we need such a “Life” ?

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