There are some financial decisions which will keep you in regret for ever. These decisions can keep you poor for very long periods of time – sometimes forever. Let us look at them:

  1. Living beyond your means: like you are on a treadmill without an off button. Every month is a struggle to pay off all the bills, loans from friends, relatives, spouse – if you are living beyond your means, who is paying the difference? how will you come out of this mess once and for all?
  2. Borrowing from PPF and/ or your own Provident fund.
  3. Buying an expensive ULIP for a  long period – say 20 years – and continuing to pay it for a long time!
  4. Delaying investments for long term goal.
  5. Bankrolling your children’s expensive education – in India and abroad.
  6. Paying the minimum on credit cards…while CONTINUING TO USE the same card
  7. Passing on professional advice thinking you will DIY
  8. Refusing to understand how to read the labels while buying products – including financial products
  9. Avoiding Equities – thinking it is too risky!!
  10. Dealing in equities with zero level of preparations
  11. Not completing good education – Bill Gates was different please –
  12. Buying a time share. Even worse? buying a time share from the issuing company – look at the resale value..
  13. Falling for Nigerian schemes – and falling more than once!!
  14. Co-signing for a financially irresponsible person
  15. Actively refusing to understand money lessons…

Well surely there have to be more….will people add in the comments column? I myself can think of a few more…


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  1. Not reading subramoney 🙂
    Treating insurance as investment!
    Buying a house early without knowing whether you would stay at the same place for quite some time.

  2. Most important is people know they are much more capable to earn more, but they don’t want to put an ounce of extra effort.

  3. lakshminarasimman

    when marrying looking for same taste in colour food and cinemas but not considering the priorities and behaviours in money matters and outlook in life in general

  4. Not realizing that a decent plan today is better than perfect plan tomorrow.
    Not realizing that doing is important than thinking.
    A lower middle class person(like me) not taking enough insurance(life,health etc)

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