People with different income levels have different expense levels….

However, in India enough research is not done to show us..what kinda spending habits people have

so one has to go to the USA to get such stories…read on….

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  1. Amazing article…

    Pls share more stuff like these… Its so enlightening to see the thought process of someone whose wealthy..

  2. Its a really interesting read.

    – The importance of planning and budgeting is very clear. Even the person making a million is accounting to the last dollar and knows where he will put his money for the next five years. That is something to learn.

    – Also people at different income levels see themselves satisfied with proportionate salaries in 10 years. No one seems to be very unrealistic, which is good. No one is looking to win the lottery, just simple hard work!
    Another thing to learn.

  3. Subra,

    A different take, all these 4 human beings are equally happy with their life with point of 8/10; irrespective of their income or debt or future, does this validates that sometime, money can’t buy “Happiness” 🙂

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