some amazingly stupid comments appear and I refuse to post them let me put down the posts:

Subra this is a great post. We all understand the need for retirment planning…and hence I have bought this………………plan from …………………….company, and it is available here …………………com

Come on guys gimme a break.

If the name of the sender is – why the f….. are u doing this? So far I have been allowing such idiots, jokers or what have you to comment, but going forward, I am thrashing this

if the name of the sender is or stuff like that hoping to get clicks

there are some reasonably well worded comments (not Robo) but clearly to get hits – I am going to use my discretion. I do not think of these as competition…just as idiots / jokers, but will use my discretion


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  1. Being a passive reader for many years, didn’t make me commit to commenting on the articles here and elsewhere. I would some times use my full name, or a shortened version.
    It’s only when I started writing (about my journey) did I truly understand the difficulty of writing and how valuable comments were. On a lighter note, ‘no hits here’.

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