I do not remember exactly which year it was…when JM Financial held a press conference to introduce Mr. J P Gaur to the investing world, but I was sure impressed by that man.

I bought the shares at Rs. 10 and sold it at a good price – and held a small number of shares – about 2-300 for a long time. I was (and am) very sceptical about a contracting company and that too based in the North. I have traded in JP group shares but never ever considered holding a sensible quantity in my portfolio ever. However, it is a company that will sell its assets and repay loans instead of being called a defaulter for too long.

He has in many forums admitted his mistakes – and I still carry that ‘I am impressed’ of his 1990s image. Later on when the group had a lot of debt too, I liked his attitude ot standing upright – and settling in full.

I have not been following the balance sheet – so i will not have any clue of the gold/ platinum plating that would have happened in his books.

I no longer hold any shares, but hope to visit Himachal Pradesh where he has a great presence. The last time I thought of him was when I used the Delhi – Agra expressway. I was impressed. However i was far more impressed when I used Jaypee Hotels @ Agra. It is luxury redefined. Made ITC – Mughal Arya pale in insignificance. And that is saying a lot for a person who says he does not know the hotel / food business.



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  1. India needs many more people like him who have guts to build such business from ground, and have such execution capabilities

  2. Sir,

    JP associates stock price had came down very drastically right? If people of this integrity is governing the company, any idea how it happened?

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