well you can read all the good things happening and decide to crib about the achhe din or celebrate the achhe din. Your choice.

What I have liked about the Na Mo philosophy (and which is bugging the Congi and the Left) is that they have picked the good ideas of the past and pushed them forward. This requires a very high level of ego control – and that they have done well.

In Maharashtra Fadnavis has pushed ahead with the Jal Yukta Shivar – about which we spoilt urbanites may not even know…Read what one man has done in Solapur …May a million Mundhe’s bloom and a Million Fadnavis bloom to make this country great…




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  1. truly inspiring article. it takes small steps to solve a huge problem. the manner in which mundhe has dealt with the water problem is commendable. he has hit many birds with one stone like solving water problem, making land cultivatable etc

  2. This is really awesome work. Solapur drought situation is well known to people in Maharashtra but efforts like these will surely change the situation.

    The Sugar factories that are being talked about are mostly around the Baramati region and surrogately owned by the Pawar family. I think only because of the BJP govt. support it has been possible to punish these Sugar factories.
    Kudos to Mr. Mundhe

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