Mark Tully the BBC correspondent for India for many years writes about changes happening in MODI’S regime.

Mark Tully, ex BBC Correspondent in his Book “No Full Stops in India,” while discussing about change writes ; In India change takes a lot more time.

The birth will be slow and perhaps painful. I believe it could be the birth of a new order which is not held up by the crumbling colonial pillars left behind by the Raj but is GENUINELY Indian ; a GC modern order, but not a slavish imitation of other modern orders”.

He goes on to say that – “For all its great achievements, the Nehru dynasty has stood like a Banyan tree, overshadowing the people and the institutions of India, and all Indians know that nothing grows under the Banyan tree”.

As Mark said , Change will be slow and painful, therefore for someone who doesn’t read and makes judgement based on perception will for quite some time not be able to see the change taking place or will pretend as if nothing is changing.

The way changes are coming in Railways, Power sector, Defense Production and in governance and at the same time accompanied by the resentment of the old forces indicate that the process of change has begun albeit slowly but firmly and is going to be painful.

Let us not undermine the capabilities of this termite ridden old Banyan tree which will still try its best to stop any one growing to the extent that it may even turn the soil upside down before falling down.

For a year or so we may witness more of Dadris, more of Kaniyahas, more of Owaisi style shouting but finally if the Society keeps its cool, acts maturely and continues to perform we will sail through and the old forces will die a natural death. – Mark tulli

LET ME ADD to this every day the new stir media throws in your face is all doctored by forces who wish to topple Modi Govt as Modi has uprooted them and they are like fish out of the water The time has come to continue to support the man and keep your faith intact and we will see new India for sure bigger, better, stronger, corruption free , peaceful prosperous then ever before with people having better quality of life..
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    Sir, This book by Mark was published in 1991, a full 25 years back. India has progressed very well after the duo of Shri.Narshimha Rao & Shri.Manmohan Singh opened up the economy in 1992. Not to forge that the ball was set rolling, although slowly my Rajiv Gandhi from the same Nehru dynasty. Much has happened despite the presence of this Banyan Tree. Madam Indira Gandhi made big changes by abolishing Privy Purses & Nationalising the major banks. Nationalisation of Banks & the spread of banking to every nook and corner is one big achievement which ushered in a series of developmental activities in several areas.Priority Sector Lending norms are a great way to ensure availability of credit to important segments in the economy.So much has changed in our nation & the Billions which continue to flow by way of FDI etc are proof of the ongoing development which belie Marks comment “For all its great achievements, the Nehru dynasty has stood like a Banyan tree, overshadowing the people and the institutions of India, and all Indians know that nothing grows under the Banyan tree”. We all know that the potential of India, embedded in its Democracy, Natural Resources, Culture & Human Resources is not tapped till date. The strong foundation is ready for building the greatest nation on this earth. Will Narendra Modi be able to do it or more particularly can he unshackle himself from the past & the likes of divisive forces from within his Parivar which have an agenda of their own. Only time will show. Common man is now looking for actual results after all the rhetoric heaped on him.
    Mark named is book very aptly “No Full Stops in India” when we look back to 2004 when a bogus claim of ‘India Shining’ was made by a political party. India has always been shining in one or many ways since centuries. India will always shine in many new areas in the days ahead.

  2. Kalyan

    this statement of Mark is NOT from the book, it is from a para written NOW. There is of course no shortage of supporters of Ra Ga and clearly you are one of them. Despite all your prayers, I guess Na Mo’s 20 years will be far superior to Indira’s regime. Nationalisation and Privy purse abolition was good? Fantastic people like you are proof that the government can go back on its word. No clue how you would have reacted if you were a king or the promoter of a bank (nationalisation 1969), a miner (all mines nationalised) or a insurance company owner. Even the Tata’s suffered. I am sure Central Bank under Tatas would have done much better than under your Congress.

  3. @ Mr. Kalyanasundram Raja. In what way good was done to the country by your Rajiv Gandhi / Indira Gandhi ? . Nationalising PSBs. In what way was it good for the fiscal health of India ?. The harm Nehru/ Gandhi dynasty has done to or country can never be undone. Kashmir & China debacle were also doing of the great Banyan tree.

  4. My view is that India is suffering from cancer spread over last 65+ years, which requires Chemotherapy and there will lot of pain (time/ effort) in the process to get out of the same. Each of us will have to bear some pain in the process (jewelers striking as they were never accountable as mostly work as black money conduits). India is finally starting to crawl out of the entitlement based governance. Congress has ensured that a large segment remains dependent on freebies by making them redundant. Reservations and subsidies were 2 most potent weapons over the last 65 years. Where Government had to ensure equal opportunity for every citizen, but that would have solved the problem. Why equal opportunity? Let’s make it biased, so that the social fabric is destroyed forever. If reservation needs to be done, it should be done up to Primary school and ensure that equal opportunity is provided to all citizens to perform the at the highest level. Now due to the reservation malaise, the incompetent people are there is the systems all over. Results are there to be seen around us. For e.g. NPA problem in PSU banks (reservations are there in selection). Who is to be blamed for these? the PSU banks or the previous governments, who had made policies to ensure incompetent people run these banks? We can see it all around…If India has to come out of the entitlement system (reservation and family clout), all the citizens will have to bear the pain for long term treatment of the malaise.

  5. There many like #KALYANASUNDARAM there who still do not realise how the dynasty is working for itself and not for the country. It is a pity.

  6. This is not written by Mark Tully. Dadri was a lynching. I do boy know why the author who penned this piece put it together with Kannaiya Kumar and owaisi

    And why do the bhakts lie and assign a foteignwrs name? No self respect themselves

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